Wanda Peterson Sunram

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Wanda Peterson
Class Year: 1973
Residing In: Detroit Lakes, MN USA
Spouse/Partner: Leonard Sunram
Occupation: RETIRED !!
Children: Tom, born 1979; Mandy, born 1981; Michael, born 1983:Grandchildren Brandon born 1998, Dylan born 2002,Audrey More…born 2003, Aubree born 2008, Jacob born 2010, Lawson and Landon (twins) born 2012 , Ava born 2016
Yes! Attending Reunion

Lived in Fargo until 1991, then moved to Florida where I went to school for Paramedic. Worked at Sea World of Orlando as a Medic until 1999. Moved to Birmingham, Alabama area, worked at Target. Moved back to Florida in 2003 and transfered with Target to Casselberry, a surburb of Orlando. Returned to Sea World of Orlando in 2008 and worked in Shamu Stadium. Husband and I divorced and I returned HOME to Minnesota. I am now engaged to my "first love" from way back at the tender age of 15, fellow classmate, Lenny Sunram. We will marry in the Spring of 2015, on a cruise to Alaska.
UPDATE: Lenny and I married in Juneau, Alaska on May 18, 2015. Lenny retired from his taxidermy business almost 3 years ago and I will be retiring in July of 2017.
Lenny and I married in Juneau, Alaska on an Alaskan cruiseship on May 18, 2015. We built our home in 2013 and 2014. Lenny retired from taxidermy in 2012 and I retired in 2017. We raise honey bees and collect and sell the honey. I also have chickens and a Rooster named Buffy. Lenny is raising white Homing Pigeons. We stay too busy sometimes.

School Story:

After just receiving brand new band uniforms with white overlays, we went to Moorhead Band Days to march in a parade. Mr. Hagen had warned us about getting our new white overlays dirty. We changed into street clothes after marching and my overlay fell on the floor, landing in some orange pop. The overlay had a huge orange spot on it. I went with Joan James to find Mr. Hagen. He came to the door of the building he was in (I think it was the college President's place) and I showed him the overlay and started to cry. Mr. Hagen took the overlay from me and put his arm around me and told me not to worry that it was an accident and that he would make sure it got cleaned. I learned that day that Mr. Hagen's bark was much worse than his bite !

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RITA !!!!! Oh my goodness this is awesome to see you ! How the heck are you !

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Hi Karen ! We are planning a get together for our 45th reunion. It is scheduled for August 24th & 25th. The 24th is a Meet and Greet at Bogeys Sports Bar and the 25th at the American Legion. It is going to be very casual, no big program or anything. We are saving the big shindig for our 50th ! I have you at 625 Chaucer Lane in Watertown. Is that correct ? We hope to see you in August !!
The PRHS Class of 1973 Reunion Committee
Leonard & Wanda (Peterson) Sunram, Diane (Spaeth) Brophy, Chris (Graves) Maudal,
Dick Bell

Sep 24, 2017 at 4:45 PM

Hi Bonny ! Happy to see you registered ! If we need any computer stuff done we will definitely let you know. We will have a huge celebration planning for our 50th year reunion. And that for sure will have video. Thanks for offering your help !!

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HELLO ! Classmates of PRHS Class of 1973 ! We are hoping to have a 45 year class reunion next summer ! We will have more information in the future about dates, times, and place. If anyone would like to assist with the plans and execution of our reunion, we would be most grateful for anything you can help us with ! Take care and God Bless you all !!

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Happy Birthday, Kurt !!! Hope you had a great day !!